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FIM Service Client Custom Paging

Sep 18, 2015 at 1:05 PM

I wonder if there is support for custom paging similar to predicas solution?

something like:
public DataPage<TResource> EnumeratePage<TResource>(string query, Pagination pagination, SortingInstructions sorting, AttributesToFetch attributes = null) where TResource : RmResource;

client.EnumeratePage<RmPerson>(filter, Pagination.FromRowIndex(e.NewPageIndex * userPageSize, userPageSize), SortingInstructions.None, new AttributesToFetch(af));


var af = new AttributesToFetch(RmResource.AttributeNames.DisplayName.Name, RmPerson.AttributeNames.AccountName.Name, RmResource.AttributeNames.ObjectID.Name).GetNames();

Have a good day