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Configuration file reference

The resource management client requires a single configuration entry in the app.config or web.config file of your application.

Only the resourceManagementBaseAddress is required. Only provide the other values if you need to change the default configuration.



This attribute defines the host name and port of your FIM Service instance


Optional. By default, the resource management client constructs an SPN based on the hostname you provided. To override this with another value, specify it here.


Optional. Windows authentication will try Kerberos first, and fall back to NTLM if Kerberos fails. Setting this to true will disable fallback to NTLM


Optional. If you want to connect to the FIM Service using credentials other than those of the currently logged on user, then provide those credentials here. Otherwise leave his attribute blank. You can also set credentials directly in code, to allow prompting a user for a username and password.


Optional. If a username is provided, then a password needs to be provided as well.

Where do I put the usual system.servicemodel binding information?

You don't. The bindings are configured automatically for you. The FIM Service is very unforgiving it its binding and endpoint configuration, so exposing the full set of binding information seems pointless. The library is configured to work out of the box, needing only the hostname to work correctly.

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